The Serious Injury Threshold in New York State

Thousands of accidents occur on the roads every year in New York. While this is an alarming rate,residents can take comfort in the fact that most of those do not result in grave damage or injuries. The parties involved will usually have to deal with only minor bumps and scratches. They can still go home unscathed.

As for those who were injured,it might be possible for them to pursue a lawsuit with assistance from a auto accident attorney in order to collect compensation. Just note that not all types of injuries are eligible for compensation due to negligence. New York’s Serious Injury Threshold law imposes strict criteria for evaluating physical conditions. If a person’s case does not fall under any of the requirements,then it may be dismissed by the courts and the insurers.

Acceptable Serious Injuries in NY

The state considers dismemberment,fracture,significant disfigurement,loss of a fetus,and death as serious enough to merit compensation. Also included in this definition is the permanent loss of use of a body part,an organ,a system,or a function. The permanent consequential limitation and significant limitation of use of a body organ or member fall above the threshold as well.

Lastly,non-permanent injuries and impairments may be considered serious if they prevent people doing their daily activities for at least 90 days within the first 6 months following the incident. Some of these definitions are quite subjective while others are easy to determine.

Get an Experienced Injury Lawyer

This law was passed to prevent frivolous lawsuits from flooding the courts. If you were involved in a car accident and feel that you deserve compensation,then talk to an experienced auto accident compensation who specializes in these types of cases. You will be able to get competent legal advice on whether you should pursue this in court or not.

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